About us

We are an exporter of fresh and exotic fruits that is part of a large Colombian-Korean business group. We are definitely passionate about fruits and in addition to having allied producers, we have our own crops for the production of many of our fruits. This has allowed us to ensure the traceability of our products and keep a thorough control of their quality.

In addition to this, we are the only company in Colombia capable of implementing Hot Vapor Treatment (VHT), which allows us to fully comply with the phytosanitary requirements of different destinations.


RANS SAS works to supply the national and international markets with excellent quality products according to your specific requirements. Our work is developed online with a broad social and environmental commitment. We want to contribute to the improvement of conditions in the Colombian countryside through direct accompaniment to our allied producers, who are part of our company.


In 2025, RANS will become one of the top 5 commercial exporters of fresh and exotic fruits in Colombia. We seek to strengthen our position in the international market by being profitable and without neglecting our responsibility to the actors involved in the supply chain.